The pacific golden plover lives in North America.

It breeds and nests in the arctic and subarctic tundra and then migrates over ten thousand miles.

It is the fastest flying shorebird in North America.
The king vulture is a colorful bird that lives in tropical forests.

Like other vultures the king vulture is a scavenger and feeds on animal remains.  It's diet usually consists of monkeys and sloths.
The crested fireback pheasant lives in the forest understory like most pheasant species.  They are hunted for food and for their feathers.

This pheasant lives in Asia and their future depends on the conservation of their forest habitats.
Hill mynahs are able to mimic human speech, but never mimic the calls of other bird species in the wild.

They live in India and Southeast Asia.

They eat fruits, insect and small lizards.
The nicobar pigeon has iridescent green feathers.  It lives in thick forest and mangrove environments.  This pigeon comes from Nicobar, Andaman, Malayan, New Guinea and the Philippines.
The secretary bird is a long-legged bird.  It hunts alone or in pairs.  Secretary birds can fly, however they prefer to hunt on foot.  They eat reptiles such as snakes and small mammals.  They kill their prey with their claws by stomping on them to death.

Because they eat snakes and rats some farmers in southern Africa keep teamed secretary birds.

Secretary birds can be found in East and Central Africa.  There are not many secretary birds and their survival as a species is threatened.
Squids are related to octopus, cuttlefish and nautilus.

Squids have the largest most developed eyes of all invertebrates.
Flamingos are pink birds.  They hang around in large groups and stand on one food.
This is an alligator.
Bearded dragons live in Australia.  They are found in semi-desert and arid regions.  During the day they stay underground.  They come out at night.

Bearded dragons eat insects and vegetation.