Goliath Beetle
Names: Goliath Beetle
The Goliath beetles are some of the largest insects in the world. They are members of subfamily Cetoniinae and are within the scarab beetle family.

Goliath beetles can be found in Africa's tropical forests.  They feed on tree sap and fruit.

Goliath beetles measure from 50-110 mm (2 to 4-1/3 inches) in length.  They can weigh up to 80-100 grams (3 to 3-1/2 oz) in the larval stage.  Adults weight about half as much as larva.

The heavily armored adults are so large that when flying, they produce a sound akin to a toy helicopter in flight. The females range from a dark brown to silky white, but the males are nomally brown/white/black or black/white.

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