Steller's Sea Cow
Names: Steller's Sea Cow

Steller's Sea Cow is an extinct sea mammal.  It was related to the manatee and dugongs but was much larger.  They grew up to 7.9 meters (25.9 ft) long and weighed up to three tons.  It looked like a seal but had two stout forelimbs instead of flippers and a tail like a whale.  It's skin was black and thick and its head was very small compared to its body.  It had no teeth, but did have two flat white bones.  The sea cow was reported to be tame and ate kelp and algae.

It used to live in the Bering Sea and was discovered in the Commander Islands in 1741 by the German naturalist Georg Steller.  Fossil records show that they used to live as far South as California and Japan.

Steller's Sea Cow was hunted to extinction by humans by 1768.  Although, when discovered by Stellar it is believed that there were only 1500 left.  Some speculate that the loss of their algae food source contributed to their extinction.

There are no photos of the sea cow, only drawings, fossils and bones are proof of their existance.


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