Names: Thylacine Thylacinus cynocephalus Tasmanian Tiger Tasmanian Wolf

The thylacine is an believed-to-be-extinct marsupial that lived in Australia and surrounding areas.  Its color was sandy yellowish-brown to grey.  It had 15 - 20 stripes on its back from its shoulders to tail.  Its head looked like a dog but its legs and tail were short.  Its hair was also short.  It had short ears as well.

Thylacines had large, powerful jaws that could open wider than wolves or dogs.  They had 46 teeth.

The thylacine was a marsupial.  Females had a back-opening pouch.  They had up to 4 pups which stayed with the mother until half-grown.

Thylacines were carnivorous and ate kangaroos, other marsupials, small rodents and birds. They also ate  sheep and poultry that were introduced from Europe.

They lived in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Tasmania.  Its last known location is Tasmania where it has not been seen since the 1950's so it is believed to be extinct.  Still, some people believe it still exists in very small numbers.

It is not known why their population declined, however it is most likely due to hunting by humans and the introduction of dogs and competition with the dingo.

Photos and even video exist of the thylacine from the early 1900's.  These along with bones, skins and fossils are the only known proof of their existence.

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